Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Slowly moving towards winter

The weeks are flying by very quickly at my house. The days on the other hand get longer and longer. Is that possible? I notice that each day I think several times of how many weeks I still have left till the baby comes...And then before I know it-the whole week is over.

I am not posting any photos of myself at this stage, since I can barely stand the way I look and feel this time around. Getting bigger and slower day by day. The homeschooling is moving along better than I expected. Andrei being in 3d grade now, has much more work than last year. Anna is in Kindergarden and is the easier student to work with.
I am trying to paint and sketch daily, despite the fact that I am hardly inspired at all. At this point I think it is persistance that matters. That and just keeping myself in the habit of working daily. I have listed a few new small originals and ACEOs in my etsy shop. Struggling not to turn into a couch potato is the hardest part now. Will be meeting with my agent to discuss the possible book project that we have been working on next week. I wonder if it will turn into a book, and if it does, WHEN am I going to do it?

Friday, September 9, 2011

IF: Boundaries

Imagination has no boundaries.

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