Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Winter mood

We were supposed to have a "snow storm of a century". Ha ha! I believe we got 12 inches at most, but oh what a fuss had been created. All cars were ordered off the streets, grocery stores were empty, everyone was waiting and preparing. Nothing came of it. But I did clear the driveway all by myself. Took the kids sledding, and had a fabulous time. And finally got stuck in the parking lot. It was such a mess! Half of Staten Island was pulling me out, just like the fairy tale Repka.  4 big guys were pushing my car, 3 were pulling and finally someone came along with a towing tross and pulled me out. They did say that they are working for their ticket to heaven , but I can only imagine what they thought of me. And yes,  the little one had to go to the bathroom then as well (he is not in diapers any more). It was fun:)

Here are a few pieces I manage to produce every now and then. All of them listed in my Etsy shop.


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