Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Waiving good buy to 2014

2014 was very good.
Briefly we baught a house (first one our family has owned), planted some trees ( I hope they grow big and strong), made 2 books, got Anna a kitten (she really really really wanted one), learned to start a fire in a wood stove,  felted 12 animals, painted 6 cups,  went snowtubing for the first time (hated it),
had many many many cups of tea with people I love. Thank you all for being there with me!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Life in Our Kingdom

So, as promised I am trying to keep documenting our life. It is such a great way to capture the moments, that will otherwise go without noticing. We painted a chicken, and a deer, built a tent, decorated part of the house and painted some more. I am coming together again and starting to pick up the speed with some projects here and there, and I think this keeps me really alive. Even painting the silly old chicken. Nobody knows what I will do with it, since it is rather large, but I've developed a soft spot for it, so it stays in the house:)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

I'm back

At least I will try to get back. It is cold outside, the Christmas lights are on, the fire stove burning, and everyone in the family is asleep. Except for the cats of course. Life is good.
It is hard to keep oneself steady and calm and consistent day after day after day. Especially when all the projects come at the same time, and the oldest child decides that you don't understand him and the middle one is upset because you criticized her art, and the little one just want your attention all the time(and you are not Mom but actually a bear who is supposed to go berry picking), and the roof all of a sudden decided to leak and soccer and ballet are scheduled at the same time, and your husband gets back from work around 9 pm daily...Well, you know....
But then dinner is somehow ready, and everyone is fed, and finally even upstairs in bed, and the fire is so comforting, and the cats come to say that they still think I'm the best, and there is an hour or two of quiet painting.
I have my work table set up , for the first time in many years I have real work space, with shelves and a table of my own, and a lamp and all those fine supplies that have been waiting in boxes. So, I am making things! Making things , painting , felting makes me feel alive. And I am thankful for that.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My first real charity

I do not post much these days, because I simply do not have enough time to make Art.  I try to keep going at least a bit at a time, but it is minuscule in comparison to what I used to be able to do.
However, the little that I make these days to sell and a big portion of what I make I send to the wounded Ukrainian soldiers. This is not to say how good and charitable I am, there are people who are  REALLY doing something, but I wish to help even in the small amount. So, when you buy from my shop please know that I try to use that money to send to the volunteers who are helping the wounded.
Wishing peace to all the fighting countries in the world these days. There seem to be so many.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


I just want to have this here. I wish Ukraine peace. With all my heart I wish that no war will strike and no people are killed in this absurd political game that Russia is playing. I have been watching the news daily since November, and I am not a politically inclined person by any means. I feel that I am with them mentally even though I live thousands of kilometers away. Peace, let there be peace . And Hope.


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