Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Waiving good buy to 2014

2014 was very good.
Briefly we baught a house (first one our family has owned), planted some trees ( I hope they grow big and strong), made 2 books, got Anna a kitten (she really really really wanted one), learned to start a fire in a wood stove,  felted 12 animals, painted 6 cups,  went snowtubing for the first time (hated it),
had many many many cups of tea with people I love. Thank you all for being there with me!


rossichka said...

Dear Vita, С Новым Годом!
May it be healthy, generous, wonderful for you and your family! Lots of love, art journeys and laugh!
Your children have really grown-up very quickly! And are so beautiful! The kitty is so sweet... Who made the finger puppets? We've made paper ones in our workshops for kids...
Hope to read from you more often this year!!xx

Poonam Sharma said...

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