Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Life in Our Kingdom

So, as promised I am trying to keep documenting our life. It is such a great way to capture the moments, that will otherwise go without noticing. We painted a chicken, and a deer, built a tent, decorated part of the house and painted some more. I am coming together again and starting to pick up the speed with some projects here and there, and I think this keeps me really alive. Even painting the silly old chicken. Nobody knows what I will do with it, since it is rather large, but I've developed a soft spot for it, so it stays in the house:)

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rossichka said...

Hello, Vita!
Your days are all different, aren't they? The photos keep those happy moments of your everyday life, that soon will be nice memories, but other occasions of joy and laugh will come!It's always like that when you play with your children and love art, make art, breathe art...
The chicken is so pretty!
Your charming children have really grown-up "in a blink"! have a wonderful weekend!xx


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