Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Here goes another month

Still not much time to write. Most of the time I spend teaching the older kids and cooing with the little one. Time seems to be playing tricks with me. Sometimes a week feels like a day. I try to enjoy and take in every moment with the baby, since now I painfully realize how fast that time goes. Ilya is a true bundle of joy in all the sences of these words. Andrei and Anna turned out to be excellent older siblings and my heart sings when I look at them together. As for me....It looks like a new awareness of the environment and the food that we eat has come toward me. We have always tried to eat healthy , but lately I keep bumping into various resources regarding animal cruelty and treatment of cattle on big farms. For example I never knew that cows were fed a diet with an addition of other dead cows. It struck me as such a horrific truth, that I am still getting over the fact. Probably many of you know this, but for me it was a very scary revelation. It looks like I am heading toward a vegetarian lifestyle, or something close to that. Also I have been discovering more and more of Waldof education and I must say that I am very pleasantly surprised. What was just a hint of a vision somewhere inside me turns out to be a well developed phylosophy and I am eagerly reading more and more about it. Here are a few quick pictures of us and the work that I managed to get done:)please visit my etsy shop for new pieces.

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