Sunday, November 24, 2013

So Here We are

Good question. We moved. It was a long a hard move, and after 6 years of staying in one place it was not easy to pack up and go. But as always moving was a cleansing experience, getting rid of things that need not be here and rethinking what is it that we are looking for in life.

Here we are. Still in NYC, but on an island now. Staten Island.  Not what we planned for , but happy to be here. Life is a mysterios thing and all the plans that we carried for so long and thought out so well came to meet reality, and reality made a way to show us what really needed to happen.

New things:
We are in a house (BIG plus NO NEIGHBOURS BELOW so we can play soccer in the living room. And we do)
We got a turtle and named her Gortenzia , the poor silly thing has no idea that she carries such a magnificent name

The house had a piano in it so now there are bits and pieces of music hanging about our daily life

As always the pictures are woth a thousand words, so here we go.


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