Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My first real charity

I do not post much these days, because I simply do not have enough time to make Art.  I try to keep going at least a bit at a time, but it is minuscule in comparison to what I used to be able to do.
However, the little that I make these days to sell and a big portion of what I make I send to the wounded Ukrainian soldiers. This is not to say how good and charitable I am, there are people who are  REALLY doing something, but I wish to help even in the small amount. So, when you buy from my shop please know that I try to use that money to send to the volunteers who are helping the wounded.
Wishing peace to all the fighting countries in the world these days. There seem to be so many.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


I just want to have this here. I wish Ukraine peace. With all my heart I wish that no war will strike and no people are killed in this absurd political game that Russia is playing. I have been watching the news daily since November, and I am not a politically inclined person by any means. I feel that I am with them mentally even though I live thousands of kilometers away. Peace, let there be peace . And Hope.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

So Here We are

Good question. We moved. It was a long a hard move, and after 6 years of staying in one place it was not easy to pack up and go. But as always moving was a cleansing experience, getting rid of things that need not be here and rethinking what is it that we are looking for in life.

Here we are. Still in NYC, but on an island now. Staten Island.  Not what we planned for , but happy to be here. Life is a mysterios thing and all the plans that we carried for so long and thought out so well came to meet reality, and reality made a way to show us what really needed to happen.

New things:
We are in a house (BIG plus NO NEIGHBOURS BELOW so we can play soccer in the living room. And we do)
We got a turtle and named her Gortenzia , the poor silly thing has no idea that she carries such a magnificent name

The house had a piano in it so now there are bits and pieces of music hanging about our daily life

As always the pictures are woth a thousand words, so here we go.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


It is spring once again here in New York. My favorite time of year, my favorite smell in the air, my favorite color of the sky.
We have repainted our apartment anew and are ready to start selling it. I hope we will have a buyer soon and a new chapter in our lives will start. We are all talking of the country now, kids want to plant apple trees near our new house, I can't wait for a space that could be my studio with a big window and some greens outside to look at, and the cats are just anxious and anticipating some big change. It feels like it is time for a change, like this chapter of our life is coming to a conclusion and something different will take it's place.

Monday, March 11, 2013

More glimpses

May be it is more for me to remember, but I do want to remember these days. Travelling here is like recharging my battery of inspiration and creativity. I do not have time to draw or paint here with 3 kids running around. I try to show them as much as I can and try to make it fun and interesting. And if there was no rain it would be perfect, but it does rain much of the time. But NEVER THE LESS. it is wonderful! I think I will paint and paint and paint when I get back, tomatoes, river, dome, rain, umbrella, pigeons, dogs, trees, mermaids, narrow streets with lamps

Friday, March 8, 2013

My favorite Florence

My second love, after my home town Lviv is Florence. I am so happy to be here again!

Thursday, February 14, 2013


May this not happen to all of us years and years down the road together, of if it does may we find those special slippers

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Favorite things and useful things

Life is very very very busy these days. I have not painted anything serious in 3-4 weeks...And I'm not happy with myself in this aspect. However I decided to make a list of things that I do and that I have learned. Just to keep myself positive and thinking in the right direction. It is hard to think all the time of the things that I DO NOT do. So here it goes, things that I DID not know how to do a year ago: I have learned to make and use ginger tea out of real ginger roots. Lime has become a regular item in our shopping bag. Spirulina and chlorella don't sound scary anymore. I have cooked several raw desserts and enjoyed them. I have added grape fruit seed oil and food grade peroxide to the kitchen cabinet. I have made several green juices and loved them. Ok, ok, sounds like it's all about food and health. Let's see if anything interesting happened somewhere else in my life. I know a lot more about robins, larks, mocking birds and starlings. Teaching a NYC nature class was a wonderful endeavor so far. I have discovered the "Little HOuse on the Prairie" series and our family has loved it so far. And last, but not least the Little Nicholas books have been thoroughly enjoyed by me and the kids. It's not much, but this is what I have.. Oh, and my favorite flowers are in bloom and sold at Trader Joe's:)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Looking for something

We are looking. Looking to find a new place to live. Our family of 5 plus two cats has outgrown our a
partment and the need for something greener has been haunting us for the past 5 years. So we started looking. I probably will miss the city terribly, the past 10 years I have lived here. I will miss my much loved friends. I will miss the teas together, and the sleepovers that our kids are always having, and the fact that one can just drop in on a friend every once in a while. I will miss PEOPLE . This city is full of wonderful people. But I will not miss the traffic, the horrible parking, the driving around your house with a crying baby in the back and hoping that may be , just maybe someone will pull out. I will not miss our neighbors from downstairs, who have made our life here very very stressful. I want my kids to be free in their home, play ,run and enjoy themselves not tiptoe around scared that the police might come to check what is going on. It will be a leap of faith, and I hope that it will all work out for the best, since I do not know what is right and how it should be done. I hope that there is a new home waiting somewhere for us and it is just the right place, and it will be ment to be, and I will know it from the look of it:) Dreaming, as always.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The lightness of being

Watercolor is so light. It is full of light. The more I work with it the more I feel that what I do is too heavy, less is needed. Less strokes, less effort, less information. It should be more free. I am attempting to do something slightly different in this series I am doing for Storybird. I will be painting a number of little gnome watercolors, posting them on Storybird for stories to be made and selling the originals on Etsy. I feel I have to do little simple things now. This post is mostly self reflection, it will take me some time to get used to proper blogging after such a long break. Please bear with me.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

1 year ago

I had my little baby Ilya who is a walking and almost talking joyful little person as of today. He loves animals, books and tries to draw. He is in total awe of his older brother Andrei and makes us smile many many times every single day. Artwise, I have been doing some fun projects lately, lots of custom illustrations and one book collaboration project. I will post just a few highlights of the things happening around here lately and wishing you all the very very best in the New Year will send you all a big greeting and a cheer.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A warm cheer into the universe!

New York has gone through a terrible hurricane as all of you probably have heard already. My family is fine, but what we have seen the past week was something we will remember for the rest of our lives. But like one of my friends said , New York is strong and it will make it through the toughest of times. Cheers to my fellow New Yorkers who have accepted this last challenge with such dignity and kindness to one another. I have found a wonderful little animation that I would love to share with you. It is called "The King forgets", and in summary it is about a king who forgot what he went out of the palace for and got his army together but instead of fighting ordered them to sing..and thus the war ended. Peace to all of you!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New pieces

I have been neglecting this place lately. Please , please , please dear freinds if you are on Facebook join me there--I am much better at posting short updates and pictures . You can find me at HERE. I will be be so happy to reconnect again!!! And as promised a few new pieces some listed on Etsy already and some not listed yet

Monday, June 11, 2012

Moving into the Summer

And here we are -June already! Days are long, sun is making the city hot again and we are venturing out to the parks and beaches more. I am still mostly taking care of the little guys, although every now and then I manage to get some painting done and do a custom piece here and there. The littlest guy is getting to be not so little anymore. And the oldest one is starting to get an attitude of his own and I'm struggling with that. But otherwise everything is wonderful. Life is full of colors and busy moments, but I like being busy.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Growing with love

Growing, growing, growing...that's what everything around me is doing. A few little watercolors from last week.

Friday, May 11, 2012

May days

This is also going to be a photo report mostly. It's finally warm and sunny here and we try to spend as much time outside as possible. Kids found a bird's nest next to our house and we have been quietly observing the mothers comings and goings from it. Waiting for the babies to start coming out from the nest. I opened up my sewing machine (it only took 8 month to get it out of the box!) and so now I am trying to remember the long forgotten days when in our sewing class in school (6th grade I believe) we were taught how to sow underwear. That was the most funny and ridiculous thing back then, and the boys had the best time taunting us about it (they did woodwork at the time) but I think I remember how to thread the machine and how to press the pedal and that is a start. And the kids love the mere fact of having a sowing machine. A few little painting here and there. I went back to my old technique of coffee/tea dyeing the paper before using the watercolor, it gives it a nice soft color and a very gentler look. And as far as books go, I have really loved this one. Lots of wonderful projects for the family, simple yet tasteful designs and fast implementation (which is crucial in our case when there is always not enough time for something BIG to happen) And here are the photos. Please visit my Etsy shop for the newest watercolors and felted animals!

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