Thursday, May 17, 2012

Growing with love

Growing, growing, growing...that's what everything around me is doing. A few little watercolors from last week.

Friday, May 11, 2012

May days

This is also going to be a photo report mostly. It's finally warm and sunny here and we try to spend as much time outside as possible. Kids found a bird's nest next to our house and we have been quietly observing the mothers comings and goings from it. Waiting for the babies to start coming out from the nest. I opened up my sewing machine (it only took 8 month to get it out of the box!) and so now I am trying to remember the long forgotten days when in our sewing class in school (6th grade I believe) we were taught how to sow underwear. That was the most funny and ridiculous thing back then, and the boys had the best time taunting us about it (they did woodwork at the time) but I think I remember how to thread the machine and how to press the pedal and that is a start. And the kids love the mere fact of having a sowing machine. A few little painting here and there. I went back to my old technique of coffee/tea dyeing the paper before using the watercolor, it gives it a nice soft color and a very gentler look. And as far as books go, I have really loved this one. Lots of wonderful projects for the family, simple yet tasteful designs and fast implementation (which is crucial in our case when there is always not enough time for something BIG to happen) And here are the photos. Please visit my Etsy shop for the newest watercolors and felted animals!

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