Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Looking for something

We are looking. Looking to find a new place to live. Our family of 5 plus two cats has outgrown our a
partment and the need for something greener has been haunting us for the past 5 years. So we started looking. I probably will miss the city terribly, the past 10 years I have lived here. I will miss my much loved friends. I will miss the teas together, and the sleepovers that our kids are always having, and the fact that one can just drop in on a friend every once in a while. I will miss PEOPLE . This city is full of wonderful people. But I will not miss the traffic, the horrible parking, the driving around your house with a crying baby in the back and hoping that may be , just maybe someone will pull out. I will not miss our neighbors from downstairs, who have made our life here very very stressful. I want my kids to be free in their home, play ,run and enjoy themselves not tiptoe around scared that the police might come to check what is going on. It will be a leap of faith, and I hope that it will all work out for the best, since I do not know what is right and how it should be done. I hope that there is a new home waiting somewhere for us and it is just the right place, and it will be ment to be, and I will know it from the look of it:) Dreaming, as always.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The lightness of being

Watercolor is so light. It is full of light. The more I work with it the more I feel that what I do is too heavy, less is needed. Less strokes, less effort, less information. It should be more free. I am attempting to do something slightly different in this series I am doing for Storybird. I will be painting a number of little gnome watercolors, posting them on Storybird for stories to be made and selling the originals on Etsy. I feel I have to do little simple things now. This post is mostly self reflection, it will take me some time to get used to proper blogging after such a long break. Please bear with me.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

1 year ago

I had my little baby Ilya who is a walking and almost talking joyful little person as of today. He loves animals, books and tries to draw. He is in total awe of his older brother Andrei and makes us smile many many times every single day. Artwise, I have been doing some fun projects lately, lots of custom illustrations and one book collaboration project. I will post just a few highlights of the things happening around here lately and wishing you all the very very best in the New Year will send you all a big greeting and a cheer.

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