Saturday, January 5, 2013

1 year ago

I had my little baby Ilya who is a walking and almost talking joyful little person as of today. He loves animals, books and tries to draw. He is in total awe of his older brother Andrei and makes us smile many many times every single day. Artwise, I have been doing some fun projects lately, lots of custom illustrations and one book collaboration project. I will post just a few highlights of the things happening around here lately and wishing you all the very very best in the New Year will send you all a big greeting and a cheer.


Jess said...

Happy birthday liitle Ilya and well done Vita! You must be seeing the days fly by with all that you fit into them! Gorgeous illustrations as ever. xx

rossichka said...

Ilya is so sweet!:) Happy Birthday! Let him grow quickly as a mushroom (we have that saying in Bulgarian!)
Happy New Year, dear Vita!
May it bring you and your family health, love, luck, inspiration and success!

Snezana said...

What a beautiful little boy, happy birthday and also best wishes for your projects!
Time flies and children grow up, me too have the
  second child who has taken a year recently and many projects to realize!


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