Thursday, January 10, 2013

The lightness of being

Watercolor is so light. It is full of light. The more I work with it the more I feel that what I do is too heavy, less is needed. Less strokes, less effort, less information. It should be more free. I am attempting to do something slightly different in this series I am doing for Storybird. I will be painting a number of little gnome watercolors, posting them on Storybird for stories to be made and selling the originals on Etsy. I feel I have to do little simple things now. This post is mostly self reflection, it will take me some time to get used to proper blogging after such a long break. Please bear with me.


Rima Staines said...

Wow, I too have been painting little red hatted gnomes in tree root holes!
Hope you are well Vita. Wishing you all a happy and creative 2013!
xx R

Armande said...

très mignon

rossichka said...

Drawing with watercolours is a miracle for me! Unfortunately I was not taught HOW to do it at school - we just used the watercolour sets. Now I received a present from my husband - a book about it and I'm gathering to try...:-)
It's been always so exciting for me to follow your blog, Vita! I'll be glad to read more posts, but don't feel "guilty" for the break - you have other priorities now!
Are those apples from the tree? I like the colours you've used and this sweet little character!xxx
P.S. Your Sleeping Fish in Winter have their special place in the kitchen (it's like a gallery) and we watch them EVERY day!!!

Vita said...

Rima, I always knew you were my kindred spirit:)
Rossichka--watercolors are a miracle inded. Good luck with the practicing, they can be most enjoyable once you are feeling comfortable with them! Please say hello to the fish in the kitchen:)


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