Friday, September 4, 2015

A recap of our summer

Summer is almost over.  I have finished my first season as a gardener, and I loved it! The book Tail of the Big City has been  fully funded on Etsy and is in the making as we speak. As a matter of fact, it is amost finished. My wonderful friend Sofia Lindeman has agreed to work with me on it, and has been writing lovely poetry. And I have been busy painting 12 spreads with various animals and birds that are our neighbours here in NYC.

As a gardener I feel I have been fairly successful. Having never done this before, I have managed to grow a few croooked carrots, a number of rather prickly cucumbers, a handful of raspberries,  some wild strawberries, some blueberries, dill, onion, lettuce and a few tomatoes.  The key was to water and weed regularly, and not to buy to many new plants and try to grow them on a very limited space that I have. The conclusion is to be more organized next year, plan the garden in advance and try to stick to the plan. I am way to greedy when it comes to gardening. As I see something I want to plant it in my garden, and the bottom line is --IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to have everything. :) This is more a note to myself, than anything else, since I will try to do it again comes spring.

As an artist, I think I did well this summer too. It was a difficult project, I have never designed a book by myself. And I am not a very consistent or organized person. So to stay focused for such along period of time, designing and redesigning the page layouts, picking the best, working with the poet, managing the campaign...I somehow managed to do it, and keep the husband, kids, cats and plants alive. And most importantly I think I am still sane:)


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