Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Out of the City

For the long weekend we went out of the city . Finally! Our first camping trip for this season. I can not describe how different the air is in the mountains. It has dozens of smells in it, and it is not the smell of dust or cat urine(pardon the details). Several friends of ours with families came with us and it was just wonderful! We built a fire every night, sang with the guitar , baked potatos in the ashes and watched the stars. Going back was harder, the messy apartment was not something I was looking forward to. The next outing will be towards the end of summer. And I already can hardly wait for it.


Lucyna said...

such a nice post; I love the potatoes from the ashes (only people from easter Europe are doing them), I love the special taste of them, specialy when they have crispy, coal skin, you have to have lot of fire to make lot of ashes, but the final effect is fantastic.
I love your art, I was visiting Krakow this year too, what a special place. I spent many years there, now I live in Canada.
Greatings. Lucyna

Vita said...

Lucyna--I love the potatoes too!
that is one of the best tastes I have tasted
good to see you here;)


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