Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Summer is Over

And it was a great summer!
We have finally decided where we want to live in the long turn perspective..and that is a BIG deal. That's not going to happen for a while , but I think we finally know where we want to be! (I can not say WHERE, but hopefully it will happen and then you will know)

1. Aquarium, 2. DSC_0226[1], 3. cozy reader, 4. Izbushka, 5. puddles, 6. Andrei july 09, 7. It is so hot today..., 8. it's so hot today 2, 9. New camera same model, 10. My one and only Cat, 11. Green Summer, 12. horizon line, 13. red, 14. in the field, 15. us again, 16. *, 17. mom and daughter and Dog, 18. This is my portrait by Anna, 19. Summer is for Lions, 20. Sushi


rossichka said...

You've had such a vivid Summer - full of colours and different kinds of emotions, coziness, love and harmony!
Have a nice Autumn, too and be always happy together!

Vita said...

Thank you Rossichka, your comments are always the most wonderful to read!

rossichka said...


Jessie said...

Lovely colourful pictures full of love and fun :)x

Mark said...

This is beautiful. Makes me want to be a kid all over again. And have another summer, all over again ;)


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