Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Did I invent these?

Well, probably I did not, but it felt like I did. (click to see larger images)
I started using those with my daughter, and then I printed out and laminated some more and used them in my Art lessons for 3-4 year old kids. And now finally I am ready to show them to the world:)

Here they are, my traceble animals. Will put them in my Etsy shop after posting here. What I do with them is I let the kid trace the easy shape of the animals head, and then let them draw the middle, body or whatever else they feel like drawing. I find that having a countour of the head the kids have more confidence to finish the drawing, while having a freedom of their own drawing.


rossichka said...

Wonderful idea! I'm sure the kids enjoy drawing! You can use the dog, the cat and the rabbit as masks, too.

ruthie said...

such a wonderful idea, i love them and im sure all the children do too x


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