Thursday, February 11, 2010

It was Snowing

For the second time this winter we had snow. First they were big and fluffy snowflakes dancing slowly from the clouds down. Then the snowflakes became smaller and sharper and the wind started blowing. And finally it was more like little flies trying to bite you.
We caught the first part outside and managed to take some photos and play in the snow. The best part of winter in my opinion is being home in the evening, drinking tea and looking out the window at the street lights with snowflakes around them.


rossichka said...

Dear Vita, we are DEEP in snow... The winter has come two months ago and doesn't intend to leave... It's beautiful, but cold. Too cold for me to be in a good spirit every day! When it snows, I adore watching the snowflakes dancing, but as a whole I prefer to stay at home... However, maybe I'll post some photos in my blog in near future. I like very much the snowmen! It's great fun for the children (and us!) making them!:)
I like your angel - maybe he's the herald of something new?

Jessie said...

Fantastic photo with the two snowman on the swings! Your children are soooo cute :)

Vita said...

Oh, Rossichka, you must be so tired of this white mess by now! 2 month is too much even for me:) 2 days of snow--is perfect:) Wishing that spring will come you way soon!

Thank you Jessi, love you new avater btw.


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