Friday, December 31, 2010

Another year

I am glad that this year is almost over. It had it's tears and it's laughs and friends new and old, and a new cat, and lots of books, and even a new toaster oven;)
I am hoping that next year will be better than this one. I wish all of you a good wholesome year to come!


Melissa (Melgurl) said...

Happy new year.
With much love,

Jane said...

Sending you good wishes for a better year Vita. Life really does have it's ups and downs and as long as there have been more ups then it's a good one!I have really enjoyed meeting you via our blogs and Etsy this year. Keep up with your beautiful work,
Jane x

Jessie said...

Happy new year Vita! It was quite a year of ups and downs for me too. This year has been quite dramatic too so far, it can only get better! :)

rossichka said...

My dear Vita,
I wish you from all my heart a Happy New Year, full of health, inspiration in your work, pleasant surprises, a lot of laugh and no more tears! You and your wonderful husband and children - be happy!!
I hope we'll have exciting meetings in this blog world of ours and some of them will make our souls sing!:)
With love and most friendly - Rossixx


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