Monday, February 28, 2011

Movie Monday The Illusionist

I went on a date yesterday:) With my husband of course:) We went to see the Illusionist , from the makers of the Triplettes of Belleville. The animation was beautiful, the scenery was drawn amazingly. The story is very philosophical and not very optimistic, but it makes you think. And the music--it was great. I kept hoping for a happy end, but it was more of a "life goes on" end just like it happens in real life.

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rossichka said...

Oh, I would like to see it! I adore illusionists! It's very easy to "catch" me with a trick! I know that "real lfe", behind the curtain isn't always that bright and sometimes no tricks can make it better...
P.S. It's so nice that you went on a date with your husband!:)


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