Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A few little odds and splashes

Hello there! Whoever is still with me after such a long break;)
There has been a lot going on with me recently, and hopefully soon I will be ready to share my story with you, but I am not quiet there yet. So bare with me if you will.
I have only a few new paintings to share, but I try to keep them coming at least a bit at a time. Stopping completely is a disaster, so I try to paint at least a tiny bit each day.
Summer is here, we are finishing yet another year of homeschooling. Andrei will be in 3d grade next year and Anna will be in Kindergarden or in 1st grade (I have not decided yet).
Here a the few I have created recently.


The Wild Fairy said...

Such lovely paintings! Thanks for sharing them - I find your blog very inspirational, on a lot of levels! ~Siobhan x

rossichka said...

I'm with you, Vita! And I'll always be!:) I see everything, don't you doubt and I enjoy all your posts, as well as this one.
I like the playful kitties and the background of the second watercolour.
What about the last animation, although it's after Radichkov, this is not Radichkov by me. I didn't like it, to be honest - there's something rude that's not typical for his unique, poetic world. I know he's been translated in Russian, so maybe one day you'll discover his magic world! He's incredible!!
Oh, your children have grown-up so quickly!!:)

Jessie said...

Hi Vita, Hope it's all good with your break :) I agree about keeping going with the painting. It is disasterous to stop and so difficult to get going again isn't it?!

Jane said...

Hi Vita I am still here! Just got back from our Tuscany holiday...bliss! I am looking forward to seeing you finished "product". The year is flying by I agree,
Take care,
Jane x


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