Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Movie Monday Oh, Talking Fish!

Borrowing the wonderful translation by Jura11

I'll try to translate.

So old man catches talking fish and sets it free, and now he has no food. He sits on a rock and sighs "e-eh". And Acid Monster named "E-eh" appears. It gives him a magic table - when you knock three times on it - food appears. But there is a catch - monster will come at midnight to ask questions till sunrise, and it will kill them if they cannot answer.

Before midnight young man knocks on the door asking for a shelter, old couple tells about monster but he still ends up staying there. At midnight acid monster knocks on the door. Couple asked "who's there"

Monster answered:

- Its me, generous E-eh, I'm here

Young fellow comes out and says:

- And I'm here too.

- Who are you? Where you came from?

- From the other shore of a sea

- How did you get here?

- I Saddled up crippled flea and came.

- So the sea must be some kind of a puddle?

- Maybe a puddle, but eagle couldn't fly over that puddle

- So the eagle must be a nestling?

- Maybe a nestling, but shadow from his wings covers the city and the night comes.

- So the city is tiny?

- Hare couldn't cross that city.

- So hare must be so tiny?

- Hare like hare, coat came out from his skin.

- Where came...?

- Came out from that city,, where hare run, on which shadow from an eagle fell,, and went before its nose.

- Whose nose?

- Coat's nose, which came out from a hare's skin in the city where night comes when nestling flies over the city on a crippled flea.


- what, what... On the crippled flea from that shore of a sea, which HARE couldn't fly over and an EAGLE couldn't cross, though sea is not a sea but a puddle in the middle of a town, where shadow from a flea fell on a hare and killed him to death, and coat came out from hare's skin and went before its nose. and then hare JUMPS


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Vira said...

Ohhh, I used to love this one. Oldie, but goodie ;))) Thank you Vitusja!


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