Thursday, October 20, 2011

Good News

I got very good news several days ago. I will be working on a book project with one of the UK publishers! This is going to be my first BIG project in 5 years or so. I am super excited! It will be a book about Holidays around the world. So now I am living in the world of Chinese dragons, Leprichons and Mardi Gra parades. And it is fun, I have to admit. The only this is that the baby is due in less than 2 months, and I am getting a bit anxious since there are still plenty of things to be done. But ....still....I think it is absolutely wonderful to be doing such an interesting book. The project seems perfect for me.

Here are a few glimpes into our Autumn life. And the trial watercolor that (I think) got me the job:) In the first photo Andrei is "helping" me to cook dinner. I think this photo is so him!


rossichka said...

Hurrah!!! Really a wonderful news, Vita! Поздравляю!I'm sure you'll finish the book on time, having in mind how inspired and happy you are! Besides, as I see, you have two grown-up children, who can take care of Mummy and help in her everyday duties!
An interesting theme and a gorgeous dragon!

Jane said...

Fantastic news Vita, I shall look out for it over here. You so deserve it; you know how much I love your artwork. Your children look super, hope the end stages of your pregnancy are a breeze for you.
Jane x

Vita said...

Thank you Rossichka, and thank you Jane! It is so good to see you here. And I especially appreciate your warm thoughts and wishes.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news, congratulations! God bless you and your family!


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