Monday, November 14, 2011

Another week has started

Weeks fly by. They truly do. I still have 5 more weeks before the baby is due, and am trying to make the most out of it. My newly discovered passion--painting with glass paint is developing into an obsession. Last night I was baking an oven full of cups:) Good thing they have places to go, otherwise my house would be filled with painted cups rather soon.
Anna and Andrei are keeping themselves busy and happy (and I am very thankful for that). Even the cats are at peace with life and each other. Here are a few glimpses into our Monday morning .


Purpletreebird said...

The cups are gorgeous and I love the photos of your little ones, although they're not quite so tiny now aren't they?!
Jess x x

Jane said...

What lovely photos Vita. Good to hear that you are keeping well in the last stages of your pregnancy.
Take care,
Jane x

rossichka said...

I like the harmony in your home... Everyone looks contented with life in the way it's happening!:) Your cups are wonderful! How exciting to discover a new inspiration and excitement, especially NOW!!
I'm with you in my thoughts, Vita!! Stay calm and happy! Hugs!xx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous stuff! I love your new craft. Make more while you have your hands free. :)

Athena Grace said...

I love your Paintings!! They are amazing!

Okay so it might seem a little weird me commenting on your post, mainly cause you don't know me, but I had to tell you I think that your art work is AMAZING and that you are and inspiration to me:) Thank you for sharing


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