Tuesday, April 9, 2013


It is spring once again here in New York. My favorite time of year, my favorite smell in the air, my favorite color of the sky.
We have repainted our apartment anew and are ready to start selling it. I hope we will have a buyer soon and a new chapter in our lives will start. We are all talking of the country now, kids want to plant apple trees near our new house, I can't wait for a space that could be my studio with a big window and some greens outside to look at, and the cats are just anxious and anticipating some big change. It feels like it is time for a change, like this chapter of our life is coming to a conclusion and something different will take it's place.


rossichka said...

Who is that big boy?:))) Time flies so quickly!Ilya is so charming!
You love Spring? (Me, too!) What a better time then for changing the place for living! And to welcome there summer,autumn and winter. Until the new spring comes.
Fingers crossed, Vita! I have a good "hunch"!Kisses!

Sophie שרה Golden said...

Good luck with selling this flat and having the lovely country house, Vita. I've been reading your blog for a long time now and am so happy to see updates. Will be more happy to read pleasant news.

Like the Florence girl too.

Jennifer Reid said...

Hi Vita!
I'm so excited about finding your artwork...it's absolutely charming! Look forward to seeing more :)

Vira said...

Vitusja, You need to post more often. Your blog is a beautiful place :)


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