Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

Christ is Risen!
It is Orthodox Easter today, my favorite holiday of the them all. Spring, blossom, blue sky, night service in the church, candles, joy...Everything seems possible and one believes the Miracle is taking place.
This year my Birthday fell on Easter. Sometimes it happens, every once in a while.
29 is an awfully big number , or so it seems at the moment.
I can't say that it was a happy Birthday this year, a chain of coincidences (or not coincidences) that made the day not so very happy. oh well.. but another year has passed and I am ready to approach the big numbers starting with a 3.

My birthday cake was a Pasxa cheese creation that I finally made properly this year:) Obviously it takes only 29 years to start learning to cook, by the time I am 58 I should be superb!

This is Ana picking out a Birthday flowers for me.


Rima said...

с днем рождения вита!!
We are the same age :)

Jessie Lilac said...

Happy birthday! The cake and flowers look lovely!x

rossichka said...

Don't worry! You'll become a great cook someday... As a beginning try to sing, while cooking and you'll be amazed by the result!:) We celebrate Easter, too and our house is full of coloured eggs, chickens and bunny-dolls, guests, smiles and a spring spirit! Many Happy Returns of the day!

krisztina maros said...

happy birthday!

you don't have to be a perfect chéf until you can paint so beautiful cakes :) just take it easy...

Vita said...

Thank you Rima, we are same age indeed. I knew that:)

Thank you Jessie:)
Thank you Rossichka--and double thank you for the card! I loved it! Many warm wishes to you and your family and lots of love and joy!

Thank you Kristina!:)

Rosyblue said...

Happy Birthday to YOU, Happy Birthday to YOU!!! :)

Natalya said...

XPUCTOC BOCKPECE! and happy birthday to you!


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