Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What do we do here , anyway?

As we are getting ready for our big trip to Poland and Ukraine at the end of the month, I've been getting this feeling that I need to make as much Art before we leave as possible. Probably because my watercolors will have to stay back, and I will be able to sketch and photograph only. So I am on a roll, ACEO after ACEO and some new ideas for big pieces.
I am super happy that Andrei started to enjoy Art! He has a good take on things, original vision and not a bad hand, but he definitly could use more practice. So I am proud to share his last painting, a copy of Van Gough's Postman.


Rima said...

Vita.. what a wonderful picture that is!! And some more beauties from you too :) How exciting your trip! You;r not stopping off in the UK are you? :) love from us here x I always enjoy your work so much

Vita said...

Thanks you Rima! I am ever so happy to see you stop by here!
This trip will be Eastern Europe only, but on our "to go" list UK is almost at the very top, after Italy that is.

Christina Silverio said...

So many beautiful creations! And your little one's art is wonderful; tell him to keep at it, he's got his mama's gift! :)


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