Thursday, May 21, 2009

In love

The first photo is of the Old Armenian church. The second picture was taken at the Opera House, Anna is really enjoying the beautiful architecture.

I promised to tell of my homecoming, so here I am. Confessing my love for the city. Lviv, Lvov...I am in love all over again. It was an amazing experience to go back to the place that I have dreamed about for 13 years. The experience almost surreal, since half the time I was walking on the streets I expected myself to be able to fly. That's what happens in my dreams when I go back there. I did not fly, but I feel wonderful. Something that was missing all this time has come together. The city I left as a child has grown. Like an old childhood friend. It is the same, but it is not the same. And I love it, with all the changes and all the imperfections that it has. My husband can't quite understand my connection to that place. In fact he is the professor of the theory, that we should not get attached to places. Yet I realize that I am deeply attached. And that place is the only place that I can relate to on an almost cell deep level. I am not making much sense here, but I am trying to :)

The kids had a great adventure as well. We spent a lot of time walking, down the streets to the city center, in the parks in the garden. So much fresh air after New York was a big change:)
Everything was in blossom, lilac in particular. It was everywhere, and I was so happy to find it in the most unexpected of places. It is so hard to spot in these parts.

May be people thought us a bit too much on the adventurous side to go into such an adventure with 2 little kids, but I think we did great. May be they will not remember any of this, but perhaps a little trace will remain, and that's all I am after.

This is at the museum of old Ukrainian architecture. wooden bee hives

Ukrainian hippy at a fair
At the Opera House, tickets $8 each, best seats possible!
A pig in the street, a brilliant idea of some local businessmen. To take a photo 25c
Old Armenian church. The most beautiful thing I saw throughout the trip.
A still life made up by our hostess(Mom of my childhood friend). As a child I always thought that she has impeccable taste, I have come to the conclusion that it is really true.


Cat (darklingwoods) said...

Thank you for sharing this special place

(the sleepy pig is darling)

Anonymous said...


R&Smama said...

It looks like a beautuful place. I have a lot of memories of where I grew up, specially smells, wich is funny, I think ;) Anyway thanks for sharing and I'm looking forward to more pictures.


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