Saturday, May 30, 2009

Good Luck

It is said to be a sign of good luck to catch a flying fish.
So this will be a token of good luck to all of us, who need it at this point in life.

I am meditating whether I should write a book with all these characters. It seems that there are bits and pieces of the story flying around in my tired brain. I need to put them on a single string and organize. A big project it is, and I will need to be very organized to make it happen. But may be this is the next step, the next challenge--to get organized and tie it all together.


Susan Faye said...

Oh a storybook would be lovely, with all of the wonderful characters and images that you have shared with us! Sounds like it's time to be like that flying fish and take a little leap!

Green Martha said...

Your drawings would make an amazing childern's book, for sure ! Do it !

Loni Edwards said...

I agree!

This painting is so cool! I love the colors and I love the girl's hair. Great idea!

rossichka said...

Dear Vita, just follow your heart! I think you should write a book and this is not the first time I'm telling you this. Children deserve to see your wonderful pictures and step into your magical world. Can you imagine children's comments in your blog??!! That could be the most precious gift for your art... I meet with children for more than 20 years in the puppet theatre, I work for and with them and I can assure you that the contact with them is so pure and thrilling!
The girl on the picture has just caught the flying fish and that's you, isn't it? So... try to make the book, when you feel ready! And GOOD LUCK!

Vita said...

Thank you dears! that is most encouraging to hear.
Rossichka--the idea of childrens comments is a very interesting take on the subject.
I work with kids for the last 3 years, teaching, and it is the absolutely wonderful.
I wish I could take my kids to your puppet theatre one day. It must be pure magic!

rossichka said...

Oh, you are all welcome!!:-)))) I'm putting on stage at the moment "Rapunzel", but the premiere will be in September. I'll send you some photos, when ready.

cbmosaics said...

Oh please make a book!! I'd buy several!


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