Thursday, October 15, 2009

We are into Clay these days

Sculpey to be more precise.
I can not paint lately for some strange internal reason, and the only salvation is playing with sculpey. That has been my long time proven by years therapy in days when painting is not an option.

And strange as it may seem (ha ha) my kids are into sculpey too. As we are bound to spend most of the time together we tend to pick up each others hobbies. For example now I know all the Star Wars character and even their Battle Tech numbers (some of you may know what it is, some may not know ant they might be better off not knowing)
So here they are from my youngest ( Anna 3.4 year old), then Andrei 5.9 year old, and then myself.
They do all the work themselves, I do not touch the creations.

P.S. Should I try selling these, what do you think?


krisztina maros said...

oh Vita, your kids are so talented too!! i think your sculptures are so original, just sell them bravely (if you could divorce from them...) i just love this cute little elephant but all of them are really nice!

(i hope your day without painting is just a transition state... and you're is fine!)

have a great clay-days :)

onĂ­rica said...

plat with clay is always fun!

Sabine / Kultur Vintage said...

Of course you could sell these cuties! : )
Have you tried yet?


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