Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Smalls

I am back in the painting routine. Getting 1,2 or 3 small painting done in a day. After a period of dryness the images are pouring out again. This one is a carrot puzzle. Can the rabbit guess which carrot is the biggest?

A big moon is calling the dog and a couple of cats:

A make over for this little girl in red(new image to the right):


the story poet said...

Victoria, A friend introduced me to The Storybird just last week. What an amazing idea! I absolutely love your artwork. You mesmerize me with your joyful imagery. I selected your art work (the tea party images mostly) and wrote a story last Saturday evening. I called it "Is This Your House?" I'd love your comments on it. I am just about to get my website up - thestorypoet - I write stories and poems for children on commission. I'll let you know when it is up. I have samples of my work to read on it. I also published my commissions on Blurb. However, I am hoping The Storybird will have this capability as Blurb is not as user friendly as The Storybird. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with us.
Mary L. Kelly, the story poet (

Vita said...

Hi Mary, thank you for writing this note. I read your story and it is truly lovely! thank you for visiting me here:)

Loni Edwards said...

These are very nice! I like the retouch on the girl. You brightened the colors up a bit and made them pop more. Love the bunny with the carrots :)

Katie said...

a carrot puzzle,how funny.:-)

Jessie said...

Really sweet and lovely, all of them! :)


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