Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Painting cows and horses

Playing with the wooden figures has been a lot of fun lately.
I bought a few blank kokeshi dolls from a fellow seller on Etsy, and found some blank animal wooden figurines in a local toy store. This was a start of a new batch of fun. It is very far from serious painting, but it certainly is very cheerful and playful. Both of my kids joined in at some point, and we had a few hours of good painting together.
Here is what I came out with. Please don't judge too harshly, this is all very new to me.


rossichka said...

I Like them very much! It's good to find new challenges!

Jessie said...

They so lovely! It's like your characters in your paintings have come to life! I think you'd have a great following and lots of buyers if you were to sell these along with your paintings :)

Vita said...

Thank you Rossichka, your opinion on the subject of dolls is most appreciated:)

Jessie--thank you dear! I did list the first two creatures on Etsy. Hope you are right and they find good homes:)

messyfish said...

these are so unbelievably amazingly excellent!!! I love them. You must sell them in your etsy shop! Are they safe paints for kids?? that would boost sales even more.

Waverly said...

Would you be interested in making a chess set? I believe yours would be lovely. Congrats!

migue said...

i loveee it!!!

greetings from spain


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