Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring is Here

Bursting with colors, sunlight and new energy--it is spring! My time of the year. I was born in mid April, and have always felt a deep connection to this time. This year I am starting entering the 3...something numbers :) To tell you the truth, I did like the twenties better, but I guess I can get used to thirties also:)


nomadcraftsetc said...

Almost Happy Birthday! That picture is awesome!

rossichka said...

This is MY time of the year,too! I feel somehow proud that I was born in Spring! (you can see my post about my Birthday) And to be honest, Vita, I liked most the thirties! You are still young, children are little, troubles are few, life is ahead, there're so many new things waiting for you...:-)Be happy!
Nice, tender drawing! I like poppies so much!

Jessie said...

I love it when you post a new painting. This is lovely, that rabbit looks very coy! I still have my birthday badge that I had on a card when I turned 30 and I remember so well how very old it felt. NOW however, it's a different story, where did all that time go?!xx

Vita said...

Thank you ladies!
Spring is a great time, I guess no matter what. And time is a funny thing--it plays tricks on you:) So a toast to spring!


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