Monday, June 28, 2010

Movie Monday 77

Bulgarian Lullaby, dedicated to one of my virtual friends and frequent visitor to this blog Rossichka :)I particularly enjoyed the last scene .


rossichka said...

Oh, my dear Vita! It's so sweet of you! Such a gentle and unexpected gift...

What I can do in my turn is to translate the song. I tried to achieve a rhythm.

"Say, my tiny snowdrop
With a thin and tender pedicle,
Why you’ve come so early
On your own and all alone?

I have come, my dear child,
To announce you the joyful news
That this winter is going far away
And the spring is coming soon…"

The beginning of the movie is a little bit scary. The fellows with the frightful masks are called "kukeri" ['kukeri]. At different periods of winter time for the different regions of Bulgaria they go out on the streets and with the loud ringing of the big bells ("chanove")hung on their belts, chase away the evil powers, the cold and thus announce the arrival of spring. You can learn something more at:

Thank you once again, my friend!:-)

Vita said...

what a wonderful translation! Thank you for the text and the information. Will watch again enjoing it all over:)

Amalia K said...

Beautiful animation and intriguing music! It's always so wonderful to learn a new culture. The world seems to be filled with so many hidden treasures. :)


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