Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Animal World Inspiration

Silly little light critters keep showing up on my work table. These are just a few of them. I think it must be the heat:)


Melissa (Melgurl) said...

Awww,the koala baby is so cute, and I love the little bunny's hat.Are they watercolor paint?I just made a new picture and posted it on my blog.I am working on a picture of birds having tea.Is that the koala in your vacation pictures?

Vita said...

Thank you Melissa, it is always great to read your comments!

Levisque67 said...

I recently wrote a silly, little poem with your rabbits over on Storybird. Thank you for posting work over there as I've used it a few times. There's lots of room to play with the images you've created.


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