Sunday, August 8, 2010

Catching memories

I have not been blogging and working as much as usual this summer. We have been spending a lot of time out of the city with some dear friends of ours. Throughout my life here in US, and espesially in the city I always dreamed that my kids would be able to experience the kind of childhood that I had--filled with greens, butterflies, frogs, berries, good friends, campfires, ladybugs, dogs etc. I was never able to give it to them, or to show it to them until this summer. We are soaking in all the wonders of being outside in the field, in the wood with many other kids. It is hard to explain how grateful I am for this chance. The kids love it , and I am reliving my memories and sketching little sketches that once autumn will come I hope to turn into bigger pieces. Collecting memories is a very important part of the job:) And collecting them with a "bug catching net" from the local dollar store is even more important. :) Cheers to all of you!


Jane said...

Wow - I just found your paintings on Etsy, such beautiful creations. Your blog is also a lovely read. I am so glad you are enjoying the pleasures of the countryside. Here in the UK we have also had a good, if late Summer. With kind wishes, Jane x

rossichka said...

Wonderful! Stay there and enjoy life in nature! I had such experiences as a child and I understand you perfectly well. I'm sure your kids are happy to be free and to explore the world. And you seem full of emotions, too! What about Autumn... I know already what to expect from it!:-)

barbara said...

Well done, your children will be grateful for such sweet memories. These are the real treasures we can give our children, treasures that will last forever.


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