Monday, August 23, 2010

Movie Monday 82 The Little Mole

The best czech cartooon that I know:)


rossichka said...

Here's another film - It was posted by a Bulgarian blogger-friend not so long ago. "The Little Mole in the Town" was one of my favourite books as a child. My husband loved it, too. I even have some postcards with the Little Mole bought from the Czech Cultural Center in Sofia many years ago. I shall search that book - I'm sure it's not lost! It's simply waiting to be found and re-read... Thank you, Vita, for bringing back these sweet memories!:)

Katalin said...

Well, this brings back memories for me too! :) I grew up watching "The Little Mole" stories and even had a picture book that I loved! Such a sweet character!
Thanks for posting this!

art is jokken said...

Krtek (the mole) is such wonderful character, probably known all over the world!! I met so many people from different countries and they know this animation movies!!

art is jokken said...

Unfortunately many "Krtek" video has been removed from You Tube.....due to copyrights.


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