Monday, October 11, 2010

Movie Monday Wait just a little please

Another animation by Elizaveta Skvortsova. The movie is without subtitles, so I will briefly tell the story here. The main hero (black with the white face) is death. Once there was a very cruel king, who lost the war. When he was coming back he noticed a couple that was kissing and seemed very happy. The king got mad. He thought that since his fortune was bad everyone should be in sorrow. He took the girl and threw her into death's hands. But the girl was very much alive. She asked death to let her go for one night, to see her beloved. Death agreed, and fell asleep. A long time passed until she woke up and went to find the girl. But the girl kept saying "I can't go yet, my beloved is asleep, I can't wake him up". And death waited, and waited...

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