Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another year, a bigger number

This year I am no longer fretting about the 3 in the beginning of the number. 31--sounds good.
I got lots of presents, a wonderful handmade card from Andrei, a sculpted dog from Anna and some lovely books from Arkadi (Fra Angelico's art book was my favorite, as well as a leather bound sketchbook). My Mom was visiting as well and it was very nice to see her on my Birthday, does not happen very often now. We are also getting ready for Easter and I am having a great time making pysanki , highly recommend to anyone who has not tried! (here is a link to a simple kit)


Jane said...

Happy birthday Vita. Now you know which number I recently reached so you seem positively youthful in comparison! What a lovely time to have your Mum with you too. The eggs look great, you must post some finished photos! Have a great day,
Jane x

Vita said...

Thank you Jane! Youth is the mood, not the number:)

rossichka said...

Hello, Vita! Many Happy Returns of the Day! Be happy, healthy and let love and luck be always with you! You've had a lovely birthday, surrounded by your loving family and Mum! What a nice gift she gave you, by visiting just then!:) I'm curious to see your "pissanky"! My husband has similar tools and uses a wax technique, too, but the results are different - they are both enjoying with our son, while "drawing" eggs like that... We may exchange photos of our eggs, before eating them!:) Thanks for the link - it's so interesting and inspiring! Have lovely Easter Holidays!
P.S. Oh, the 30-s is a wonderful age!!!


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