Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My favorite flowers

I got myself some flowers yesterday, I thought I knew what they were called, but apparently I don't since google search shows something very different when I type in the name. These are my favorite flowers. I really like how they bend down,sort of like swan necks:) The cats liked them too. It seems like they do not only look good, but also taste good. Alas, the cats will have to be content with their cat food.


rossichka said...

I don't know these flowers. They resemble me of buttercups, but are taller. Nevermind, they are charming, I like yellow flowers and enjoed the photo very much - maybe they are tasty, too?:)
I like the girl, drawn in the new style, you are trying!
Vita, I added a P.S. to my post about Andersen - please, read it, when you have time!

Jane said...

Love you cat sniffing them! Are they ranunculus...they are a relative to the buttercup but with big curled flowers.It looks like them and I love them. The sun is out here and it is actually a WARM breeze..bliss!
Jane x

Vita said...

Those are the ones! Ranunculus!!!! My memory did something terrible with this word:) Thank you Jane.
Rossichka, I am off to check your blog !

neora chana said...

Love the watercolor; my cat does the same thing with flowers! Loves to eat them!


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