Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Princess Who Loved Animals

The winner of my last weeks giveaway is micale6955, the Princess Who Loved Animals will start her travels to the new home.

And since this is the print that got many votes I will expand on the story a bit.
Girls love princesses, we all know that. Why? Beats me, I always was a tom boy. But here I am with a 2 year old, who already knows she wants to be a princess when she grows up. A great addition to the son, who is convinced that Knights should be payed more money and then there will be a job like that again.

So here we are, I have a Knight and a Princess. I never painted princesses before, at least not after I was 14 years old and spent all the boring school lessons doodling in my notebook . Actually my classmate who shared the table with me used to have contests, who would draw a better princess. She is an economist in Moscow now, and I probably won since I actually keep drawing them.

My princess is supposed to be loving, compassionate and SMART:) Beautiful? well, may be that would not hurt as well. I wanted her to be outside rather than inside the castle. I wanted her to be closer to nature than most princesses are.

In Russian folklore there is this character Vasilisa the Smartest, the princess who would always find the solutions to the most difficult challenges and this way help out her 'not-so-smart" husband. I wonder why is it, that in Russian folk tales women are always the smart ones, and the main male character Ivan are the opposite. Ivan durak=Ivan the stupid?


Jenn aka boysmama said...

wow..I love that print. I love her expression and I just love that she is sitting on the grass with the animals...castle in the background. It's awesome. :)

GumballGrenade said...

Wonderful print. I have to say I love reading a blog where you learn a little something about folklore.

Vita said...

thank you:) I am really bad with history, but i do love folklore;)

Cathy said...

Love your work and only just discovered that you have a blog.

Vita said...

Hi cathy!:) thanks, and glad to see you here!

Rima said...

Great painting of yours as is the one of Vasilisa :) Funny, I never wanted barbies when I was a girl either. Wonder if you've read the goose girl by shannon hale.. a princess who loves nature, based on an old fairy tale.

Vita said...

rima--I have not read it, but based on the description--I have to!:)


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