Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I found my perfect companion for the winter

I've got hatty birds, hatty cats, Mad Hatters...and now I've completed it with a hat for me:)
It seems to have been just waiting there for me, the last 3 days I was passing it by and thinking that I need to stop and try it on. But I am always running, to school, from school, to the pool, to jujitsu, arr...Most of the time I have to run, not to walk.

Finally I slowed down, stopped,and walked into the fancy boutique (feeling slightly uneasy about myself, I was not wearing my best clothes at the moment, and the lady owner probably does not get too many customers wearing different colored socks.What?:) I was late, again.)

To make the long story short--I bought it. I love it. I think I look like one of my paintings :) I hope I do not look too funny, but even if I do--oh well!

Let the winter come--I am ready, ready for some Mad Tea parties.

What do you think? Isn't it just perfect?:) Now I am the Hatty Artist!


SEWphisticate said...

it is perfect. and i agree, it looks like one of your paintings...whimsical and cozy at the same time. you are lovely.

Yulechka said...


Vita said...

thanks ladies:)
yulechka--I was waiting on your take on it, being the fashion guru and specialist in wool:)

Rima said...

A delightfully excellent hat for you.. it suits you to a TEA!
Well done for buying it. Hats are brilliant things... if only I could find the perfect ones in a HUGE size for me :)

Arkadi said...

vitusya, turn the image of blue hat guy into a link to your specific etsy page:
do the same for all the images offered on etsy

Christina Silverio said...

Wonderful hat! The colors are fabulous! I so love hats; I just bought a winter hat myself! Hot pink chunky yarn, with a peak at the top and two long tassles on each side of my head. *sigh* if it would just get cold enough! ;)

Danielle Barlow said...

Oh, it's perfect! A wonderful hat! I love hats of all sorts - putting on a hat is a bit like putting on a character! You can choose according to your mood. Bravo for taking the plunge and handing over the cash!

Melisa J said...

That is absolutely adorable! I am glad that you bought it.



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