Thursday, October 16, 2008

Work in progress

A new batch came out last night. I recently went to a bookstore with my kids and bought a few books from my all time favorite publisher А-БА-БА-ГА-ЛА-МА-ГА, and just looking thou those books always makes me want to paint. And mind you, paint something good:)

I do now know if I have accomplished it, but at least I tried. The hardest thing for me now , is to concentrate. I get only good 2 hours a day when I can work without distraction, and that is not much, because even if I sit down at my work table it takes at least an hour to clear the head from all kinds of useless thoughts. So I get 1 hour out of 24 to create. However, I try to use as much of it as I can. My goal is not to loose my drive, and in a couple of years when the kids are in school and I will have more time to myself to embark on a crazy-paint-all-the-time journey.

Would not it be wonderful to paint like this? I am mezmerized by this artist


B.B. Bellezza said...


I am amazed by your art. I was struggling last night to get plain white paint on a pegboard without it dripping and getting everything covered. I was going to paint a cool design on it, but thought I was pushing it. LOL
:) Kim

Vita said...

b.b.bellezza--Thank you. However I must tell you, that white paint on a plain surface is the most tricky:)
why do you think the Black Square is so famous?:)

Arkadi said...

do you know if this guy has website. it would be nice to have a link...

Bethany said...

I tagged you!

I just love your blog and this latest update reminded me why I love ti so much!

Vita said...

You are it now!
Thanks Bethany:) It's great to know, cause sometimes I feel I am talking to myself here:)(luckily not that often anymore)

Christina Silverio said...

I understand about the 1 hour in 24 to create. I have to wait till the house goes to sleep before really painting, so I get about that as well. It's so hard, because all day at work and then at home with the family my mind is constantly wandering to what I want to paint! I even keep a sketchbook open next to me in the car so no good ideas ever get away from me. ;)
This piece is so lovely. I adore all of the birds; so sweet!

Vita said...

christina-I hear you!
and what a great idea to keep the sketchbook near! I should try that. keeping the ideas from being lost is a major challange

irisz said...

Oh, you have such a great style, I love the light colors that you use!


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