Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Would not be a good Snail

Just thinking about carrying everything I own on my back makes my head spin.

Since we moved into our new apartment a year and a half ago, I was trying to make it as homey as possible. And that includes painting on walls and growing basilica on the windowsill.

Yesterday I made a visit to Ikea, got another few things that I just had to have, and then came home with a sudden urge to change something. SO...I moved a bookcase:) Now I have my very own corner of the bedroom, that can be called MY STUDIO. I have all my supplies organized, I have the reference books that I need at hand, and most importantly I have an almost clear table, to work on.

Another benefit of that is that the paintings on the wall in my kids room are visible again. We had to block them during our last room rearrangement (Anna sleeps in a big bed now, and a big bed takes so much more room!) Andrei and Anna have been complaining that they can't see the knight and the princess anymore. And that made me so happy . NO, not the fact that they were upset, but rather the fact that they missed my Artwork. So the princess and the knight, and the cat for that matter are back. The final touches with chalk are done by Anna.


Rachael Smith said...

they are so lovely!!
if i ever have kids i'm totally gonna paint magical things on their walls for them .^_^.

Arkadi said...

life goes on...

Vita said...

arkadi, what to you mean by that?:)

studio lolo said...

You make wonderful, happy art! I did a mural on my wall as well, but it's not as happy as this one!
I also enjoyed seeing the space where you create art :)

Rima said...

I don't think I'd make a good snail either, but am in the very process of putting all my stuff on my back! (well in the back of our wheeled house, but it's kind of like a snail shell:)
I think your murals are wonderful.. what a treasure for your kids :)


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