Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A lesson plan

Some of you might find this useful, and I find that it is crucial to write down good lesson plans. Being a computer addicted soul, what better way to write it than here?

My last Fridays lesson was about green.
Each color has a family. A large one too...Uncles and aunts, nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters, grandparents and many many others. And since they are all related they do look a lot alike, but still they are all different.

Dark green, light green? could be cousins.
Yellow-green and olive--could be mother and son.
blue-green and mud green --brothers?

The idea of the lesson was to find them all. Find as many as possible. First on a painting done by one of the Masters (Monet in this particular instance), then in a flower that I have growing nearby, and then on the paper. We used watercolors, since this is the medium I am best familiar with. I let the kids use my own paint and my own brushes, and thus the quality of the colors was as good as it gets. They were very happy about that, and have proven to be a very careful lot. I would not do it with all of my students, just these ones;)

And here are some of the pictures from the lesson.
We ended up drawing the jungles. Lots of green leaves of all shapes and sizes, colors and hues. At least as much as they could imagine.


Rima said...

What a vibrant wonderful world you are creating for your little ones... I so admire this green lesson! What a great idea! I wonder how you are finding being a teacher to your own as against other children...?

marcia furman said...

Nice!!! Thanks for sharing!

Vita said...

Rima--great to see you!

my own two are unfortunate sufferes of my experiments:)
the older one does not show much interest in Art, but I realized it too late, and might have pushed him to draw too much....trying to let it go now. The younger one might do well though, she does some interesting things already.

I do enjoy teaching kids, especially the ones that have Art in them already. That is the greates joy to share your knowledge with them, and see them open up to the wonderful world of paint. After such lessons I feel completely accomplished and reenergized.

The Empty Envelope said...

What a wonderful lesson!!!

Shelley Noble said...

A wonderful exercise! So enlightening. I wish I could be one of your students.

Jessie Lilac said...

What a lovely idea, the colours as parts of a real family! It looks like a lot of fun was had.x

AscenderRisesAbove said...

very sweet; reminds me of doing art with my girls when they were little. thanks for the fond memory


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