Friday, February 6, 2009

The most wonderful doll house I've seen!

I love Fridays. I do.
Somehow even though I do not work outside of the house Friday means an end of the week and has a closing, concluding something feeling .
Now Andrei takes chess classes on Friday too. He waits for it all week, and I always sharing his anticipations and fears also wait for Friday:) . I am more connected emotionally to this boy than I could ever imagine being..but this post is not about me. It is about the house we go to. And the doll house that is in it.

Chess classes are now taking place at the house of another homeschooling family. Robyn(Mom) Lucy(10) and Finn(12) are there to tolerate us. Andrei and Anna love coming there. Andrei has discovered Lego Star war toys that Finn has in great abundance (now we also have joined the cult of Star Wars). And Anna and myself fell in love with the doll house. It is truly magical! It has a feeling of a real home, and it is filled with personality. The carpets are made of knitted patches, Japaneses fabric and paper. The dishes are handmade out of clay by Lucy and Finn. There is even a clay fire in the fire place. And oh, there is a drawn map in the living room. I did not take a picture of that. There are some sort of god hand puppets guarding the house, and there is something that looks like a totem inside. This doll house is bursting with creativity and artistic energy!

Robyn is a fellow Etsian, and has a shop called Wee Ball Yarns . You can see I placed an ad of hers on the left column. And I have never seen how yarn is spun, and find it extremely beautiful.

So without further adieu, I have some photos that I took today. I will have more, since I want to do a story about Lucy's doll house. And I want to take better pictures. Today's did not turn out so well.


Robyn said...

Oh Vita, it is a lovely post! You make the doll house look so real. We love our Fridays too!! XOX

island sweet said...

i want to be small and move in there too!

Patti Blaine said...

Is there room for me too? I promise to make myself very small. ;) Beautiful photos! So lovely to see the L/A home from another's perspective.

Rima said...

Wow, how great is this!
I'm so excited by your stepping out on the homeschooling adventure... and as ever some delightful and imaginative works you have posted since I was last here :)
Bravo!! x

Üdo Ümami said...

that little home is outrageoüs! <3 Üdo

The Empty Envelope said...

Wow, incredible!!!!


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