Monday, February 16, 2009

Dibble Dabble, sribble scrabble

This guy came out while I was doing my morning homeschooling with Andrei.
Sometimes it is quite a chore, and sometimes I manage to engage both him and Anna into doing something productive and QUIET and then I can sit next to them and draw. Oh what a idyllic picture it is. All of us in the living room, round the same table, drawing and writing...(we are lucky if it lasts for 20 minutes)
Then the cat comes in thinking that he also needs to be part of the process, and somehow being part of the process for him means sitting right on top of whatever I am working on.
But today it was good--I finished the Lion. And here he is! Will add him to my Etsy shop right now.(click click)


ChichiBoulie said...

That kind of idyllic setting would last about 10 minutes here, though I do often dream of it. Just doesn't truly enter into our reality!

I've given you a blog award. I hope you'll come and pick it up!

Vita said...

Thank you dear! so sweet of you! you just made my day!

Karen said...

I love this Lion!


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