Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Men Love Chess

Can you find one thing in common in these?
I have started a series of these, playing chess wherever we go...
Andrei carries a chess set with him almost all the time.


Marina said...

Hehe. In all the photos it is dad who is sitting there thinking hard - I guess Andrei has some good tactics,)

PS My verification word is "foxial", I find it highly appropriate for this journal,)

Vita said...

Marina --went to webster, could not find it:) what is "foxial" I am intrigued now!
and in case anyone is wondering, the beer bottles do not belong to my son:) they were just on the table at the time

Marina said...

"Foxial" is not a word, although I think it should be. Just thought it was funny, taking into account your passion for foxes :)


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