Thursday, June 11, 2009

where is summer?

I do not think it made it to NYC yet. It is so awfully dark and grey outside, I can't stand to look out the window. Our poor planted tomatoes are struggling to get above the ground level, and I can't wait to be able to go to the Ocean again. Only 30 minutes away from the house it is the best place to be during the summer days here. But not now. We are stuck inside...everyone minding their own business, I even manage to paint a few ACEOs here and there. Here is the new batch that came out of my "homeschooling" time today:)

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rossichka said...

Summer is here, in Bulgaria:-) I wish I could give you a bit of the sunlight and the pure,blue sky. We had 40 degrees(per Celisius)last week! Now it's not so hot, but everything says Summer has come earlier. Our little turtle is happy - he's having sunbaths all day long on the balcony!
I like your last spring pictures and expect to feel soon the summer mood in your next ones!!


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