Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Making a Blurb Book

Many of you probably know, about a site called Blurb. You can self publish a book there, using their book layout software. And they will print it out for you. The reviews of the site I have read are fabulous. The quality cost ratio should be very reasonable,so I am excited about receiving my first solo Art book.
My research tells me that I need a 7x7" hardcover. And that is what I am making for the past couple of days. Once I get my copy and test drive it with friends and family I will be offering them at my etsy shop.


Jessie said...

Well done! You work so hard and I know how difficult it is to fit it in with small children around! You're going to get many customers for this lovely book I know it!x

wildmom said...

Wow, I will definitely buy it for our art studio library :))

Anna Nadler said...

Wow, your book looks so intriguing! I love the line work and watercolors! Let us know when you have it on Etsy.

Thank you so much for sharing this link, this just might inspire me to get back to drawing my own books too!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, it looks like going to be a great book! Keep going! Love your work.

Vita said...

thank you all for your support! I had to postpone the making for a week or so, but it will be done by mid August I believe. It is a very interesting project, and I hope it goes well.


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