Thursday, January 27, 2011

Exploring A New Medium

I have long been admiring felt wool animals. I've had my favorite shops on Etsy that I have been frequenting and every once in a while I would treat myself to one of the little cuties. The idea that I could be making them myself hardly crossed my mind. It seemed like "one of those things", that are very hard to do, and there is no way I can be doing it. Like making soup (several years ago), or baking a cake (still), or brewing tea out of rose hips (my grandmother used to do that when I was little).
To make the long story short, one of my New Year resolutions was to try to learn to felt (and brew the rose hips). And I have done it:) I bought the wool, and the needles and a very cute Japanese design book and started. The Japanese book which looked very cute at first proved to be of little help, since I could not read it. And the pictures do give you ideas, but it is still hard to implement those. Youtube proved to be extremely helpful. Plus I have talked to a few people who were doing it and they were very helpful.
So , here are the ones I am not embarrassed to show) Two of them are already looking for new owners on Etsy.


Julia said... cute! What a great creative ability you have!

Ms Frapcious said...

They are adorable! Felting is something I've always wanted to try too.

poppylocke said...

They're gorgeous! I just bought my first felt toy a week or so ago. It was a little rabbit looking at me from an art shop window.. :)
How fantastic that you can make your own!

rossichka said...

Dear Vita, good for you! I see you in a "new light" - making toys! They are lovely and I'm sure you'll have a lot of customers... Here's the blog of Gretel, my first follower -! (You were the second one - I won't forget!) She is an illustrator and a needle felter - I hope you'll like her toys. Good luck and go ahead with the needle!:) I hope your kids are charmed!
We don't have such a craft here in Bulgaria and the process of creating is a pure magic to me!:)

Rima said...

Ah, wonderful!
I was just goin to link you to my friend Gretel's work, but see Rossichka beat me to it!
Here's another Russian needlefelter you may already know of:
Hugs x

Jane said...

Vita these are so beautiful, well done for learning this new skill and for making such sweet creatures!

Vita said...

Thank you for the wonderful comments, all of you!
And a special thank you to Rossichka and Rima for the links. I have seem works by Gretel before (and loved them!) but have never come across Fadeeva's work. Thank you again! I am inspired all over again:)

Melissa (Melgurl) said...

I love them.


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